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 grand canyon skywalk
grand canyon skywalk
*Children 10-16 are $159.00*
grand canyon west rim
INCLUDES SKYWALK! This price includes sales tax, West Rim bus park pass, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch and a lovely day with one of us includes the $35 skywalk fee!
grand canyon tours
THIS IS A 12+ HOUR TOUR! We depart Las Vegas between at 6am and return around 6pm.
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WE USE 15 PASSENGER VANS: Please make sure you are comfortable traveling in our vans.
grand canyon skywalk
REFUNDS: Cancellations within 48 hours are not eligible for a refunds.
grand canyon tours
GROUP SIZES: Please make sure that small group tours are conducive to your travel needs.
grand canyon skywalk
grand canyon skywalk
HIKER RATING 4/10: We'll do an easy but rugged off-trail hike at Guano Point to the top of the peak. The trails are worn away but it is a dirt trail so make sure that all of your hinges, gears, and springs work good!
grand canyon skywalk
NO CHILDREN UNDER 10: We unfortunately do not allow children under ten. The tour is intimate and the walk is not suitable for young or infant children. Please call us if you have multiple children over ten but one that isn't and we can work with you.
grand canyon tours
SHOWS: Please DO NOT, never-ever-ever, swear-on-a-grave, BOOK A SHOW on the same night as your tour. There's always a slight chance that your tour experience could be vastly enhanced by a non-charged bonus like a flat tire, inclement weather, accident on the freeway, or even get caught in a herd of my beloved Michigan state animals, construction cones!
grand canyon west CHILD PRICING: Child pricng is for ages 10-16. Please call or email us if you have a few children over ten and one slightly under and we can make an exception for you. NO INFANTS! WE WILL REFUSE SERVICE UPON PICKUP TO ANYONE WHO BOOKS A CHILD UNDER 10 WITHOUT CONFIRMING IT WITH OUR OFFICE FIRST!
grand canyon skywalk DOWNLOAD HOTEL PICKUP INFO: The hotels are really big and this list will help explain where to meet us: PICKUP AREAS

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK vs. GRAND CANYON WEST RIM: There's a big misconception that the entire Grand Canyon is located inside Grand Canyon National Park. This is not true. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and only the first 129 miles of it are inside Grand Canyon National Park. The next section of the Grand Canyon is on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. The South Rim boasts expansive beauty while the West Rim boasts stunning, steep cliffs that drop 4,000 feet right to the bottom. Both parts of the Grand Canyon are very unique and picturesque. The West Rim is also extremely rich with Native American History and the Hualapai Indian Tribe. The West Rim also has this amazing glass bridge built over the Grand Canyon called the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Our tour includes this but be aware that the Skywalk is not in Grand Canyon National Park. It's actually at Grand Canyon West Rim on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Only the tours to Grand Canyon West Rim include the Skywalk so please make sure that if your main interest is seeing the Skywalk that you book this tour. You won't see it on our GRAND CANYON WALKING TOUR or GRAND CANYON SUNSET TOUR. The main differences are:

It's a much shorter drive so we add more to the tour like a tour over Hoover Dam and a stop at the famous Las Vegas sign.
2. The edge of the Grand Canyon at the West Rim drops 4,000 straight to the bottom! It'll raise the hair on your toes!
3. The best view of the Colorado River is at the West Rim! It dwarfs the views of the river at the South Rim.
4. Guano Point is one of the most stunning view points within the whole Grand Canyon. It brings you right into the Canyon.
5. You aren't as tired because the drive is much shorter and so we are back by 7-7:30pm
6. The West Rim is in the Mohave Desert while the South Rim is in the Kaibab Forest
7. It's much warmer then the South Rim and enjoys weather similar to Vegas.
8. The West Rim is very rich in Hualapai Indian history.
grand canyon tour bonuses
grand canyon tours

. .4 HOURS AT GRAND CANYON WEST RIM.... is the only company that allows FOUR FULL HOURS at the West Rim and gives you a fully guided tour around the area. We don't believe in driving all that far to spend an hour there. Our tours are designed to enhance your Grand Canyon experience. The tour guide will carry your picnic lunch in a backpack and set up lunch somewhere along the trail. We always like to remind our guests that the more you eat at lunch, the lighter their pack will be the rest of the day! They will also point out hidden lookout points, good picture spots, and explain how the Grand Canyon formed.
grand canyon tours

...SMALL GROUPS OF 10 OR LESS. .. .............. .. .

grand canyon skywalk
We specialize in small group tours that focus on quality, value, and service and we know that small groups bring a higher personal experience for our you. It also allows your tour guide to interact with you more personally and to achieve our goal of treating everyone each of you like a person and not a number.
grand canyon tour
Your tour will included a fully guided tour, where a tour guide will walk you at the West Rim as we explore Eagle and Guano Points and take a walk through Indian Village. We do a pretty good hike at Guano Point up to the top of the peak so bring good hiking shoes!
grand canyon tours
..FREE HOTEL PICKUP & DROPOFF SERVICE on your grand canyon tour

Your tour includes free pickup and dropoff service! All transportation services and costs are included in your tour, including free pickup and dropoff service at your hotel or casino. We will pick up from any hotel or casino in Las Vegas. Transportation services are limited to customers of,Inc.

grand canyon tours
..MCDONALD'S BREAKFAST to start your grand canyon tour
We include a McDonald's breakfast in your Grand Canyon tour (and all other tours) with You can eat as much as you like. We use to serve the continental breakfast but we learned that we ended up losing more travel time by doing this. Our guests ended up ordering food at gas stations, asked to stop, or walked to nearby places to get a bite to eat. Plus, everyone at came from families where it was only proper to stuff the guests with food!
grand canyon tours
..WALK OVER HOOVER DAM on your grand canyon skywalk tour
We take you on a short, guided tour over Hoover Dam as we make our way to the West Rim. You'll get to see both sides of Hoover Dam, the power plant, and the memorial to the workers. We won't go inside the dam though! You'll have to save that for another trip!
grand canyon walking tour
..DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE on your grand canyon tour

We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, timeshare, hostel, motel, or casino for your Grand Canyon tour. Unfortunately, we cannot pick up or drop-off at private residences or the airport for licensing and security reasons.

grand canyon tour
..$179.00 ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE for your grand canyon tour

THIS FEE INCLUDES THE SKYWALK! We don't add junk fees onto our price such as fuel surcharges, park entrance fees, or an other miscellaneous service fees. The price is final and you will not be billed one dollar more then this price. NOTE: This does not include souvenirs or extra snacks or dinner.

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..PICNIC LUNCH on your grand canyon tour
The picnic lunch is one of the main characteristics that separate our Grand Canyon tours from all other tour companies. We will stop and eat as soon as we get to Guano Point. The sandwiches are big and there is plenty of food to eat. Most people save half of the sandwich for the ride home. We do not believe in the type of hospitality that leaves people still hungry after a scheduled meal. Please click here to read more about your PICNIC LUNCH.
grand canyon tours
We'll stop by the famous Las Vegas sign on our way out of Vegas and let you take a picture with it. It's best to visit this early in the morning to avoid large crowds and so we'll stop right away and take all the time we want!
las vegas grand canyon tours
The Hualapai Indians have done a great job building examples of homes that various Indians lived in throughout the Plains and Southwest, like Hogans to Tee Pee's. We'll give you a tour through this area, explain the homes, and explain the value of the important vegitation that lives in this area!
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..grand canyon west skywalk. . . . ..timeline

.."Leaving Las Vegas..."


..McDonald's Breakfast in Boulder, NV


..Photo Stop at Hoover Dam


..Arrive at Grand Canyon West Rim


..Hang Over the Grand Canyon on the Skywalk


..Picnic Lunch at Guano Point


..Depart Grand Canyon West Rim


..Return to Vegas

grand canyon tours
..we visit these lookout points
grand canyon tour Las Vegas Sign
grand canyon tour Guided Walk Over Hoover Dam
grand canyon tour Eagle Point - Grand Canyon Skywalk
grand canyon tours Guano Point
*WALKING ROUTE COURSE: We reserve the right to change or alter the course at anytime,for any reason,without notice*

SAFTETY NOTE: We do not recommend any of our tours for anyone with physical disabilities that limit or restrict mobility or if you have heart or respiratory problems. The grand canyon is located at 7,000 feet in altitude and has very thin air. You will need to provide a letter from your doctor clearing you to walk at 7,000 feet altitude if you have heart, respiratory, or physical disabilities. We also do not recommend our tours for handicap individuals as we will be walking between 2-3 miles.


PICNIC IN INCLEMENT WEATHER: We will eat inside the van on the way to the park OR at the park in the event of inclement weather.


FOOD NOTE: We provide Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches. The cookies are made and baked fresh daily by Albertson's supermarket. We will use Oreo Cookies in the event that Albertson's is out of cookies.


TRAVEL NOTE: Please bring a book or another forms of entertainment. It's a very long, scenic drive to the Grand Canyon but one of the few destinations that you'll see that actually lives up to its hype! The scenery will change 3-4 times and those who don't choose to sleep normally talk to each other.


WALKING NOTE: We reserve the right to change or alter the walking route or tour for any reason. We may not visit the lookout points above. The main reason for altering a course usually involves inclement weather during the winter time or excessive rain in the summertime. We'll still spend 3-4 hours inside the park but drive to different lookout points. Please contact us immediately if you feel that your tour was cut short by the tour guide so that we can resolve this issue with you.

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