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There are FAQ's and then there are our FAQ's for your tours to Grand Canyon. The following FAQ's are intended to help answer the more frequent questions that we get about our tours. We understand that you do have some serious questions and have answered the most common types of questions that we get from prospective guests. We are also happy to help people who are planning a short-term vacation at Grand Canyon National Park and have random questions. We can be reached by phone, post, or email.

You can also call us at 1-800-618-0744or email us at if you have any additional questions. We tried to think of everything for you but please do call us if we missed something!

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GRAND CANYON WEST RIM: The West Rim is on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and offers a strong Native American experience. The glass bridge or "skywalk" is on the West Rim so please book this tour if you'd like to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The skywalk is included in the tour. We won't visit Route 66 on this tour but this is the perfect tour if you'd like to be back in Vegas early. We'll return by 7:30 pm but still spend 3-4 hours at the Grand Canyon. You'll also get a guided tour over Hoover Dam instead of just a photo stop. We have four extra hours so we add a little more to this tour because the drive is much shorter.

GRAND CANYON SOUTH: The South Rim is in Grand Canyon National Park. The drive is much longer, we'll stop at Route 66, but will not see the Skywalk on this tour. We conduct both our Grand Canyon Walking and Grand Canyon Sunset Tours at the South Rim. This is the perfect tour for the avid photographer and hiker because we will walk between 2-3 miles along the upper rim trail.

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Only one. The GRAND CANYON SKYWALK visits the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. No other tours will include the skywalk. There are three main tourist visiting areas called the West Rim, North Rim, and South Rim. The entire length of the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long. Only the first 129 miles of the Grand Canyon are in Grand Canyon National Park. The North Rim and South Rim are located inside Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim is at the Hualapai Indian Reservation.
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..WHAT DO WE DO FOR DINNER ON THE SUNSET TOUR? grand canyon sunset tours
Do not hesitate to ask the driver to stop at any of the restaurants right outside of Grand Canyon National Park or at In-and-Out Burger in Kingman. We can also call an order into Pizza Hut in Kingman too if you'd like to get something to eat. Of course, I totally recommend In-and-Out Burger. Some people who complain about the "fast food meals" of McDonald's, Arby's, and In-and-Out but it doesn't get any more American that the Southwest, fast food, and good company!
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..WHAT PAYMENT METHOD DO YOU PREFER? for all of your las vegas tours
We accept cash, credit / debit card, or travelers checks. You can pay cash on the day of the tour but we MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE just in case you decide to pull a fast one on us and now show up. You can also pay online when you book your tour. Please call and leave leave your credit card information with us if you opt for to pay cash on the day of the tour.
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..WHAT SHOULD WE BRING? for your grand canyon,red rock,and hoover dam kayaking tours

You'll need to bring the following items for every tour (Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Hoover Dam Kayaking) during the respective season. You can also click on WHAT TO BRING visit this website page for more info on packing instructions.

SUMMER(May - October): You need to bring a hat, shorts, light-colored shirt, sweatshirt or windbreaker, extra socks, sunscreen, batteries, umbrella, and memory cards for the summer tours.

WINTER(November - April):Winter jacket, knit caps, scarves, gloves, extra socks, and warm walking shoes or boots.

grand canyon tours
grand canyon tours
Unfortunately, we can't pick up at private residences. A service like this, even free, is considered a taxi cab service and we do not have a taxi cab license. It's also a safety issue too so we can't pick up at homes, apartments, or private residences due to safety and security. We can meet you at any casino adjacent to the Strip.
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The Grand Canyon Walking Tour and Grand Canyon Sunset Tour are both 15 HOURS in length. The Hoover Dam Kayaking Tour is 10 HOURS in length. The Red Rock Hiking Tour is 10 HOURS in length. The kayaking and red rock hike may run a bit shorter depending on the speed, ability, and interest of the group. It is a very long ride to and from all of the parks but definitely worth the time investment!
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..WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? for your grand adventures tours
Please visit our cancellation policy page HERE to review our cancellation and refund policies. We require a 48 HOUR NOTICE ON ALL CANCELLATIONS. There is a $30 cancellation fee regardless of when the cancellation occurs. We do not charge a fee to change tour dates, hotels, or to make any changes to your itinerary aside from cancellations. The reason for the fee is because we get charged multiple times by the merchant do not have a problem with cancellations and we will change tour dates at no additional cost. Please click REFUND POLICY to learn more about this.
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..DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS for your grand canyon,hoover dam kayaking,and red rock tours
We offer one standard rate for everyone all of our las vegas tours. The only discount is for children & teens ages 10-16. However, we recommend that you sign up and follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and EMAILERS to take advantage of our discounted COUPONS that are emailed out on occassion.
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..HOW HARD IS THE WALK AT THE GRAND CANYON? for the grand canyon tours
The walk is easy but the altitude is what effects the people the most. We've had guests with canes take the walking tour. The trail is flat and paved like a sidewalk. We walk on the trail west of Grand Canyon Village. This part of the trail is not accessible to all of the big bus tours so we won't have 200 people at every lookout point. It is remote, quiet, and very peaceful.
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..DO YOU HAVE A TOUR MINIMUM? for your grand canyon, red rock, and hoover dam kayaking tours
We have a tour minimum of five people. We always offer people to switch tours on the same day or take the same tour on a different day at no extra charge. We will not charge the difference either if you booked a tour that is less expensive than the one you booked.
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