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We recommend visitng Valley of Fire or Zion National Park if you prefer a shorter day tour and really want to see some red rock formations. The tours to Red Rock National Concervation area are limited to five tour operators who mainly do drive-through tours. We recommend you rent a car and explore the area yourself if you want to see Red Rock. However, it's not much further to Valley of Fire or Zion National Park and both of these are much better areas to see than Red Rock. Valley of Fire is the most unheralded area to see from Vegas but bodes much more stunning scenery than Red Rock. Zion National Park is easily perhaps the most underrated National Park in the United States. It's a very small park but offers some of the most majestic scenery in the southwest. We don't conduct tours to Zion or Valley of Fire but can refer you to some great operators who focus on high quality tours.

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valley of firevalley of fire
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