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grand canyon tours
grand canyon tours 

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Your Grand Canyon tour is going to take you up to 7,000 feet in elevation. The South Rim is located on the Coconino Plateau and is much higher then most of us common folks are use to. So, we encourage you to wear loose clothing that is light in color,use sun block, and wear a hat. We we do provide sun block, white shirts, and plenty of water. The temperature is always much cooler at the Grand Canyon then it is in Las Vegas during the summertime. You can expect a 20-25 degree difference in temperature with a nice,cool breeze. There is rarely any humidity. However, you are much closer to the sun and will burn quickly. We highly recommend that you DO NOT wear sandles or open-toe shoes at all. Always wear comfortable, walking or hiking shoes. You'll also want to bring these items FOR ALL OTHER TOURS WITH GRAND-ADVENTURES.COM
grand canyon tours
grand canyon tours


for your grand canyon tour
grand canyon tourExtra Batteries
grand canyon tourExtra Film &Memory
grand canyon toursHat &Binoculars
grand canyon tourSun Block &Sun Glasses
The biggest mistake that we see is that people run out of film or batteries. You will take between 100-200 pictures while walking along the rim on your Grand Canyon tour. We do carry sun block and chapstick and will provide that for you.
grand canyon tour SUMMERTIME
grand canyon tour items
grand canyon tours Small Backpack
grand canyon tour Good Walking Shoes
grand canyon tours Dress in Light Clothing
grand canyon tour Binoculars
We recommend that you carry a small backpack just to keep an extra shirt,water bottle,and camera gear. You can actually make this walk with sandles and open-toed shoes but we don't recommend that since there are loose rocks, insects, and cactus' all along the paved trail.
grand canyon tours WINTERTIME
grand canyon tour items
grand canyon tours Gloves &Scarf
grand canyon tour Knit Cap
grand canyon tours Warm Jacket
grand canyon tour Warm,Light Boots

It can get very windy on the rim of the Grand Canyon and the weather can change quickly during the wintertime. It's important that you dress properly. We do carry extra jackets just in case you do not have a jacket for unpredictable weather.

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