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GRAND CANYON TOUR PRICE:$155*Children 10-16 are $135*
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THIS IS A 15 HOUR TOUR! We depart Las Vegas between 6-6:30am and return around 9:30pm.
grand canyon tours
WE USE 15 PASSENGER VANS: Please make sure you are comfortable traveling in our vans.
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REFUNDS: Cancellations within 48 hours are not eligible for a refunds.
grand canyon tours
GROUP SIZES: Please make sure that small group tours are conducive to your travel needs.
grand canyon tours HIKER RATING 3/10: Grand Canyon is a easy walk along a paved trail. There is very little off-trail walking.
grand canyon tours
  CHILD PRICING: Child pricng is for ages 10-16. Please call or email us if you have a few children over ten and one slightly under and we can make an exception for you. NO INFANTS! WE WILL REFUSE SERVICE UPON PICKUP TO ANYONE WHO BOOKS A CHILD UNDER 10 WITHOUT CONFIRMING IT WITH OUR OFFICE FIRST!
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NO CHILDREN UNDER 10: We unfortunately do not allow children under ten. The van is small and intimate and the walk is not suitable for young or infant children. Please call us if you have multiple children over ten but one that isn't and we can work this out with you. We do not allow infants at all.
grand canyon tours
SHOWS: Please DO NOT, never-ever-ever, swear-on-a-grave, BOOK A SHOW on the same night as your tour. There's always a slight chance that your tour experience could be vastly enhanced by a free bonus like a flat tire, inclement weather, accident on the freeway, or even get caught in a herd of my beloved Michigan state animals, wild construction cones!
grand canyon tours BOOKING TIP: It's a GREAT IDEA to book your Grand Canyon tour during the first few days you are in Las Vegas during winter! That way, we'll easily be able to reschedule you for another day if there happens to be zero visibility.

SUNSET INFORMATION: We do not guarantee that you will see the sunset and are disclosing that, unfortunately, we can't control the weather. It can be over-cast during the winter. Please do not book this tour if you are demanding a guarantee that you will see a sunset. We cannot guarantee that but can hint at maybe a snowball fight or sledding in places where that first drop is a lulu! We will definitely stay if the clouds and horizon permit sunset viewing. We will also drive to points if it's too cold to walk along the rim.

This tour will begin at El Tovar Lodge, where we'll give you a quick opportunity to grab a souvenir and use the bathroom before we depart on our walk. We'll walk from El Tovar Lodge to Mather point (weather permitting) while walking slowly along the upper rim trail. This tour includes 3 HOURS at the South Rim plus watching the sun set, a McDonald’s breakfast, a picnic lunch, and a fully-guided tour with your experience. Time really is the only asset that we can give you to completely absorb the tranquility and splendor of the Grand Canyon and we'll make sure that you get plenty of that. It is in this time that we’ll guide you along a flat,easy trail so you can enjoy the Grand Canyon as Mother Nature intended;peacefully along a winding trail where the edge of earth touches the faint blue sky.

grand canyon tour bonuses
grand canyon tours

. .3 HOURS AT THE GRAND CANYON.... . . ... is the only company that allows THREE FULL HOURS at the Grand Canyon. We don't believe in driving all that far to spend an hour there. Our tours are designed to enhance your Grand Canyon experience. The tour guide will carry your picnic lunch in a backpack and set up lunch somewhere along the trail. We always like to remind our guests that the more you eat at lunch,the lighter their pack will be the rest of the day! They will also point out hidden lookout points, good picture spots, and explain how the Grand Canyon formed.
grand canyon tours

...SMALL GROUPS OF 10 OR LESS. .. .............. .. . . .for your grand canyon tour

grand canyon tours
We specialize in small group tours that focus on quality,value,and service and we know that small groups bring a higher personal experience for our you. It also allows your tour guide to interact with you more personally and to achieve our goal of treating everyone each of you like a person and not a number.
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Your tour will included a fully guided tour,where a tour guide will walk you along the rim,point out hidden lookout points, take pictures of your group, and explain how the Grand Canyon was formed. The walking tour is about is between 2-3 hours. We allow another hour for people to explore Grand Canyon Village, look at the buildings,and do some shopping!
grand canyon tours
..FREE HOTEL PICKUP & DROPOFF SERVICE on your grand canyon tour

Your tour includes free pickup and dropoff service! All transportation services and costs are included in your tour, including free pickup and dropoff service at your hotel or casino. We will pick up from any hotel or casino in Las Vegas. Transportation services are limited to customers of,Inc.

grand canyon tours
..MCDONALD'S or BK BREAKFAST to start your grand canyon tour
We include a McDonald's breakfast in your Grand Canyon tour(and all other tours) with You can eat as much as you like. We use to serve the continental breakfast but we learned that we ended up losing more travel time by doing this. Our guests ended up ordering food at gas stations,asked to stop,or walked to nearby places to get a bite to eat. Plus, everyone at came from families where it was only proper to stuff the guests with food!
grand canyon tours
..PHOTO STOP AT HOOVER DAM on your grand canyon tour
We will make a 10-15 minute photo stop at Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon. We stop at the lookout point closest to the dam, which overhangs the Colorado River. You'll be surprised that the dam is much smaller then it looks on TV or in those Superman movies.
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..WINTER TEMPERATURE on your grand canyon tour

It'll be cold at the Grand Canyon. 40F, 2-5C. We have extra jackets and gloves but make sure you bring a winter jacket, knit cap, gloves, and scarf. We will eat in the van on the way into the park if it's too cold to eat outside.

grand canyon tour
..$155.00 ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE for your grand canyon winter tour

We don't add junk fees onto our price such as fuel surcharges, park entrance fees, or an other miscellaneous service fees. The price is final and you will not be billed one dollar more then this price. NOTE: This does not include souvenirs or extra snacks or dinner.

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..PICNIC LUNCH on your grand canyon tour
We'll eat outside if the sun is shining and it's warm enough to enjoy the dry, brisk winter air. It's very pleasant when it's dry and sunny but we'll eat in the van on the way in if it's windy, cloudy, or too cold. The picnic lunch is one of the main characteristics that separate our Grand Canyon tours from all other tour companies. We will stop along the trail and eat right on the rim of the Grand Canyon. The sandwiches are big and there is plenty of food to eat. Most people save half of the sandwich for the ride home. We do not believe in the type of hospitality that leaves people still hungry after a meal. Please click here to read more about your picnic lunch.
grand canyon tours
This stop is seasonal. The shops are closed from December through March 1st. We will stop based on season and if it's not too crowded with big buses. Have you seen the Disney movie "Cars"? Well, Seligman, Arizona is a very famous place but still hidden from mainstream tourism. John Lassiter, the producer of Cars, spent quite a bit of time here and many of the characters from Cars are based on REAL PEOPLE from Seligman. It's also home to the real Angel of Route 66. There was a time in America when Route 66 was the major thoroughway that connect East to West. It began in Chicago and ended at the Santa Monica Pier. It was decertified and removed from the maps in 1978 when Interstate 40 opened. It took a true Angel to lobby the Arizona government to recertify it as Historic Route 66. Angel's tireless efforts virtually saved the remaining parts from extinction. It was his actions that inspired John Lassiter to write the movie "Cars".
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..grand canyon tour timeline
grand canyon tours
..grand canyon tour picnic lunch menu
grand canyon tour arby's market fresh sandwich
grand canyon tourfresh california grapes
grand canyon tour cheese & crackers
grand canyon touralbertson's homemade cookies (oreo's when out)
grand canyon toursbottled water
WINTER: we will eat in the van if it's too cold to eat outside
grand canyon tours
..we visit these lookout points
grand canyon tours el tovar hotel
grand canyon tour grandeaur point
grand canyon tour yavapai point
grand canyon tours mather point

.."Leaving Las Vegas...."


..mcdonald's breakfast in boulder,nv

8:00 stop at hoover dam

9:30 stop in kingman, az


. .stop on historic route 66


. .arrive at grand canyon national park


. .picnic lunch


. .finish picnic lunch


..finish walk and set up for sunset


..depart grand canyon national park


. .arrive in vegas


..tour guide retires!

*WALKING ROUTE COURSE: We reserve the right to change or alter the course at anytime, for any reason, without notice*

SAFTETY NOTE: We do not recommend any of our tours for anyone with physical disabilities that limit or restrict mobility or if you have heart or respiratory problems. The grand canyon is located at 7,000 feet in altitude and has very thin air. You will need to provide a letter from your doctor clearing you to walk at 7,000 feet altitude if you have heart, respiratory, or physical disabilities. We also do not recommend our tours for handicap individuals as we will be walking between 2-3 miles.


FOOD NOTE: We provide Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches. The cookies are made from fresh and baked fresh daily by Albertson's supermarket.


TRAVEL NOTE: Please bring a book or another forms of entertainment. It's a very long, scenic drive to the Grand Canyon but one of the few destinations that you'll see that actually lives up to its hype! The scenery will change 3-4 times and those who don't choose to sleep normally talk to each other.


WALKING NOTE: We reserve the right to change or alter the walking route or tour for any reason. We may not visit the lookout points above. The main reason for altering a course usually involves inclement weather during the winter time or excessive rain in the summertime. We'll still spend 3-4 hours inside the park but drive to different lookout points. Please contact us immediately if you feel that your tour was cut short by the tour guide so that we can resolve this issue with you.


WALKING TOUR TIMES, ROUTES, & SEASONS:The walking tour departs at 6-6:30am all year. We do not offer the sunset tour from December 1st to February 28th. The reason is that the sun sets a bit too far south west of the Grand Canyon. We also alter the walking route in the winter. The western shuttle systems in the park close for the winter. There is a very good chance that the tour guide will let you stay for the sunset in December and January because the sun sets by 4:30pm.

Please email us at or call 1.800.618.0744 if you have any questions about the departure dates and months.

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